Are You EMR Ready?

Our Purpose

OKMedTech specializes in providing your long-term care facility with a custom seamless/wireless technology solution utilizing your Electronic Medical Records [EMR] with installation of a state of the art hardware system by DELL which includes a seamless networking of wireless internet equipment by Aerohive to ensure a more efficient work environment that is secure and private.

Our Clients

We are only successful when our clients are successful.  Our business has been built on the success of you. We understand that if we provide an outstanding product at an affordable price, and back it up with the best support available, our clients will benefit significantly and stay with us.  One of the ways to accomplish this is our 24 hour monitoring of your wireless networks.  We have excellent trained technicians around the clock to monitor your network from inside and out.  Does your network have a heartbeat?  Ours does!