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OKMedTech Offers the best solution for your technology needs. We can provide your facility with the most efficient seamless/wireless internet network at a very affordable price. OKMedTech customizes your secure network to best accommodate your facility making it more efficient.

We partner with Aerohive for top-of-the-line wireless equipment available and DELL for the best quality state of the art hardware to implement your EMR. OKMedTech designs and installs your network in a timely manner in order for your business to benfit immediately.

OKMedTech is always there!
We offer 24/7 iCloud live monitoring in real time.
Our help desk is available 24/7 with a live service support clerk.


OKMEDTECH.COM LLC is the leading provider of long term care technical support.  We specialize in customized seamless/wireless networks, design, and implementation of Electronic Medical Records.  OKMedTech has experienced tremendous growth in preparation and installation of Long Term Health Care EMR with over 3,000 beds currently being monitored.


OKMedTech has developed partnerships with companies at the top of their industry. Check them out:

Our Partners

Boomer SolutionsBoomer Solutions is a premier long term care pharmacy designed to specifically meet the needs through a personalized care approach. Our pharmacist and pharmacy staff members offer state of the art technology to assure your clients the safety and peace of mind that they deserve while still ensuring that your facility meets all state and federal requirements.